1) What is a 3d crystal laser engraving machine used for?    
The 3D crystal laser engraving machine is used for engraving 2d & 3d photos inside crystal and glass, suitable for customized crystal engraving business.   
Our 3d laser engraving machine is widely applied in personalized gifts business, crystal trophies and awards production, crystal crafts and decorations industry.

2) How long will it take to engrave a photo into a small crystal cube?
The max engraving speed is 3000 points/second; typical speed is approx. 2800 points/second.
The processing time depends on the size of the crystal. For examples:
Crystal block (50*50*80mm & 300,000 dots): <2 mins
Crystal key chain (30*20*15mm & 50,000 dots): <20 seconds

3) What’s the working environment of your 3d laser engraving machine?
Our machine use own designed advanced air cooling system, which can make sure our machines work at the environment with 5℃~35℃, humidity <70% no condensation, but other machines in Chinese market are around 10-28 degrees or 15-30 degrees.

4) Could your machine engrave on several kinds of materials, or only on one kind of crystal material? What material is the most suitable for the machine?
Our machine can engrave on crystals, common glasses, acrylics and similar kind of transparent materials, but the engraving result is the best on K9 crystals. If you need, we can also supply the best K9 crystals for you.  
5) Is the computer a normal computer or a special one? What operating system is installed, Windows or another? Can we use a laptop to control the machine and process the softwares? How is the PC connected with the machine, by USB or others?

The computer is a special one using Windows operating system. We have installed our softwares and database in it. If you use another computer, it needs to install our special softwares in the computer.  
The computer is connected with the machine via a PCI Card, which can only be installed in the desktop.   

6) How does the 2D to 3D conversion software work?
The software's work principle : there is a library including a variety of templates in the software, you can match the most suitable one as per customer's picture, then after detailed adjustments the 3D image will be automatically constructed.   

7) How long it takes to convert a 2D picture to 3D portrait by this software?
After training, normally it needs 10-15 minutes to make a 3D portrait in using the 2D to 3D conversion software.

8) Is the 3D Camera necessary for taking 3d photos? Can we use a common camera with high resolution/pixel and taking pictures from multiple angles?
The 3D camera is an optional devices for taking 3d face pictures for human faces. Common cameras are not suitable for our machine, because the machine need special 3D file format ( .dxf or .obj ). Whether need a 3D camera, this is depends on your business types. The 3d camera is only useful for instant 3d faces pictures.

8) What is the guarantee of the machine?
We provide 2 years warranty for whole machine.   

9) What parts of the machine is easily broken? How often should the parts be replaced?
Actually there is no part that is easily broken. The only consumable part of our machine is the diode pump. The diode pump’s life span is more than 20000 hours, generally you can use it for 4-5 years and engrave about 400,000pcs of 50x50x80mm crystals. After 4-5 years, you need to replace the diode pump and then the machine will be new again. And this part we offer two years warranty.

10) How could I repair the machine if it breaks down?
During the warranty period, we can send you free spare parts for replacement if any part is broken. If the machine need to be repaired, we will provide on-line guide within 24 hours. If there occurs big problem that you can't solve with our help, we can send our engineer to your place to repair it.

11) Is it possible to send your technician abroad, for the training, installation of the machine and the 3D camera?
Yes, we can provide overseas services. If overseas training is needed, all the expense related to should be covered at buyer's cost including the relevant charge for visa, air ticket and accommodation etc., but not contain the traffic in China.
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