3D Laser Engraving Machine STNDP-801AB1
3D Laser Engraving Machine STNDP-801AB1
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STNDP-801AB1 is our small model crystal laser engraving machine, which is specially designed for entry level business.

With compact size and portable design, STNDP-801AB1 is the most practical and cost-effective model, suitable for personalized 2d/3d crystal gifts business in shopping malls, airports, tourist attractions etc..
Adopting the highly integrated and high-peak power laser developed by STN Laser, the machine can engrave in high speed, which ensures consumers get the customized crystal products in just a few minutes. The special own-designed air cooling system can ensure the machine’s continuous working time longer than 24 hours, at the same time keeping the high stability of processing.
Model STNDP-801AB1
Laser Medium: Nd: YAG crystal Diode Pumped  532nm
Laser Frequency: 4000Hz
Engraving Speed 180000-220000 dots/min
Engraving Area (mm): 120*200*100
Dot Diameter: 20-40μm
Resolution: 800-1200 DPI
Motion Control : 1 Galvo+Y, Z
Repeated location accuracy:     <10μm
Continuous Working Time:       >24 hours
Cooling: Air cooling
Lifetime of laser Diode: >20000 hours
Power Consumption: < 800W
Power Supply Connection: Single Phase 220V or 110V (+/-10%), 50Hz or 60Hz
Sound Level: 50db
Warranty of Quality: 2 years on whole machine
Computer: CPU: Dual-Core 3G or similar, 4GB RAM,500GB hard disk
Acceptable File Format:           JPG, BMP, DXF etc. The other file formats can be converted to
acceptable file formats by PhotoShop, AutoCAD, 3DMAX etc.
Circumstance Temperature:    5-35℃
Relative Humidity: <70%
Weight: 70kg
Dimension (L*W*H): 460*560*730mm (18.1''x22''x28.7'')

Kiosk/booth in shopping mall,
Tourist place,
Gifts or souvenirs shop,
Exhibitions etc.
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