3D Laser Engraving Machine STNDP-801AB4
3D Laser Engraving Machine STNDP-801AB4
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STNDP-801AB4 is our big scale crystal laser engraving machine, it is an ideal type model for 2D/3D subsurface crystal engraving business, not only suitable for the production of crystal gifts and crafts, but also for the production of crystal trophies and awards in different shapes and sizes.

With the ability of batch production, the model STNDP-801AB4 is very popular for photo studios, gift and trophy companies, advertisement companies which need big engraving range of 2d&3d images.  
The highly integrated and high-peak power laser developed by ourselves ensure the high speed of engraving, the CE standard design ensures the safety of processing, and the special own-designed air cooling system can ensure the machine’s continuous working time longer than 24 hours, at the same time keeping the high stability of the machine..
Model STNDP-801AB4
Laser Medium: Nd:YAG crystal Diode Pumped  532nm
Laser Frequency: 4000Hz
Engraving Speed 180000-220000 dots/min
Engraving Area (mm): 400*300*100
Dot Diameter: 20-40μm
Resolution: 800-1200 DPI
Motion Control : 1 Galvo+X,Y,Z
Repeated location accuracy:     <10μm
Continuous Working Time:       >24 hours
Cooling: Air cooling
Lifetime of laser Diode: >20000 hours
Power Consumption: < 800W
Power Supply Connection: Single Phase 220V or 110V (+/-10%), 50Hz or 60Hz
Sound Level: 50db
Warranty of Quality: 2 years on whole machine
Computer: CPU: Dual-Core 3G or similar, 4GB RAM,500GB hard disk
Acceptable File Format:           JPG, BMP, DXF etc. The other file formats can be converted to
acceptable file formats by PhotoShop, AutoCAD, 3DMAX etc.
Circumstance Temperature:     5-35℃
Relative Humidity: <70%
Weight: 115kg
Dimension (L*W*H): 860*730*780mm (33.9''x28.8''x30.7'')

Photo studios,
Gift and souvenir shop,
Wedding photography,
Trophy company,
Advertisement company,
On-line business
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